Monday, January 15, 2018

Why Herman Cain Should've Been President

I delve into the true role racist politics should play in American government.  Republicans are at least noble and honest while the democrat party painfully made it clear they are a party of tyrants and not democracy when they screwed Bernie Sanders out of his rightful place in the primary.

Still, all that doesn't matter. Herman Cain should've been president, and if he was, it would have been a true testament to the fact minorities can indeed advance America foward.

Leftists Will Scare Away Rightists

But when all the rightists are gone, who will they parasite off of then?

Oh, wait, that's right. Themselves.

BTW, if you wanted to see the person responsible for this article, please check out this piece of work!

She won "awards!"

Canadian Bloggers: 25% Off!

Just a friendly reminder.  While the US economy grows (somewhat) under Trump and his policies seem to have somewhat of a positive effect on the economy (though still yet TBD), Canada is stuck with the world's biggest and softest trust fund baby who's never worked a day in his life and wants to use Canadian's money to make foreigners and parasites love him in a popularity contest!  This (along with a drop in oil prices) has made the Canadian dollar drop about a quarter from the US dollar.

Which means it's never been cheaper to donate to Canadian bloggers you love and adore.

May I recommend two of them?

Kate at Small Dead Animals.
Stefan Molyneux at Freedomain Radio.

I know you beta boyos are too busy donating your money to cute conservathots that say obvious shit, but if you could perhaps donate money, AND AT CHEAP RATES, to our real Canadian friends to help advance freedom and philosophy?

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Will Trump's EEOC Go After Google?

I know it's a personal law suit, but if this susses out to be true, the EEOC might have grounds to go after Google.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Episode #237 of The Clarey Podcast - Feminist MBA School Special!

Why you need a day off.
The Vegas Strip as a Cathedral for Women.
Getting bars to turn off the sports channel.
Why Oprah SHOULD run for president.
How feminism ruins women.


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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

When Feminism Jumped the Shark

Feminism is just a laughing stock.  A sad, pathetic laughing stock now, completely removed from reality.

Why I Can't Take Feminism Seriously

When you bend over backwards and reach so far as to make cryptocurrency "sexist"


you get published in a major government news outlet because you are just so oppressed

you'll forgive me if me and the rest of the world just laugh at feminism and feminists and accurately ID you for the pathetic, sad whiny entitled children you are.

Monday, January 08, 2018

How Western Governors University Will End the Insanity at American Colleges...Sort Of

A long time ago a fan of mine put me onto WGU or "Western Governors University."  It is an online college that charges less than half the national average in tuition, it's accredited, it allows you to study from the comforts of your own home (or anywhere, really), you don't have to commute, pay for parking, walk in the cold, get falsely accused of rape, attend marxist indoctrination seminars on "diversity" or "privilege," take worthless pre-requisite classes, or pay idiotic "student service fees."   It (along with ASU online) is one of the first accredited colleges to do one simple thing that:

energy companies

and nearly every other sector of the economy has managed to do these past 20 years.

Offer their service online.

Of course, colleges have absolutely no incentive to go online even though their product (education) is ideally suited (i.e. - a service, not a physical tangible product) to be sold over the internet.  Because if they did start offering accredited degrees over the internet, nearly everyone in higher education would lose their jobs and have to go find real ones in the real world instead of teaching.

One excellent professor can deliver a superior seminar or lecture to millions of students over the internet for a fraction of the cost it would take thousands of inferior in-classroom professors to do so.

You certainly don't need student centers, dorms, sports arenas, safe spaces, classrooms or any other physical buildings, let alone the land or infrastructure required for a college campus.  Just some servers and IT staff.

And all those college administrators, professors, diversity counselors, diversity directors, directors of inclusion, dorm managers, coaching staffs, student aid officers, janitors, counselors, and consultants?  Gone.  Again replaced with...well...some servers and IT staff.

If you think about it, the cost of college tuition should be approaching zero.  It's just so few colleges dare to offer accredited degrees online that what few entrants there are can still charge a pretty penny (though half the cost...and 1/100th the hassle and brainwashing...of that of physical schools).

According to economics this less costly, less painful, and ultimately superior product should cause a mass exodus from America's traditional colleges and universities and into the new online ones.  This exodus I believe would also be doubly encouraged by the never-ending price increases in physical colleges' tuition and the fact the upcoming generation of college students (Gen Y) have spent their entire lives online.  And though we won't know for sure until it happens, it's almost as obvious that today's physical colleges are as outdated and obsolete as the horse and buggy, the typewriter, newspapers, and ESPN.

There's just one problem.

Tell today's college bound kids that.

The truth is we...well...don't tell the youth the truth.  We lie to them.  Every day we tell them they "have to go to college."  That the "key to success is college."  By god, if you don't go to college you'll end up poor, alone, and (GASP!) not as successful as your peers!  And you don't want that do you?

But there is something else much more fundamental going that adults, parents, and people-you-shouldn't-trust-because-they're-over-30 don't understand.  And that is we have created such a hopeless, prison-like environment in the K-12 education system that these kids literally have NOTHING ELSE in life to look forward to than college.  We don't teach them about the trades.  We don't teach them about potentially joining the military.  We don't teach them about homeownership, repair, housekeeping, having kids or the American dream.  And I don't know one family that sits their kids down and tries to teach them about the importance of love, friends, family, and their future, giving them a kernel of hope there's something better for them in life than "just more school."  This myopic focus on college ensures that young people today view college more like a young lady views her wedding day than they do an incredibly expensive and important financial investment in their future.  And thus a fair amount of college-bound kids do not view college as an education, but a birthright entitlement called "The College Experience."

This will cause a split between America's college-bound.

Serious kids who want to invest in a real education that will increase their lifetime earnings.


Defeated kids who, lacking real guidance and upbringing from their parents and teachers, just want to escape to The Promised Land of Canaan College for the "college experience."

And this is how the insanity at America's colleges will end...more or less.

With physical colleges being unable to compete for the real college students, their attendances will drop, their revenues drop, and the quality and caliber of their students will drop.  Again, this won't happen over night (and online colleges will have to start offering more STEM and engineering degrees if they wish to accelerate this process), but it is already happening.  Tuition is getting so expensive it's forcing kids to look for cheaper alternatives, plus the internet is exposing higher education for the racket it is, not to mention breaking the information monopoly the old "Baby Boomer Era" of professors, teachers, and deans held in analog days over their students.  The worthlessness of many college degrees is becoming apparent and alternatives to attending the "big university" are becoming increasingly well-known to college-age youth.

But this exodus will not only leave traditional, physical college with less money, but it will also leave them with the poorer-quality students.  The mere "dreamers."  The "college experience" students.  The pot-smokers.  Those who don't take their studies seriously and largely major in worthless subjects to post-pone adulthood for another 4-8 years, perhaps their entire lives by becoming professors themselves.  This will not only result in physical colleges becoming more hostile towards serious students (protests, made up student fees, forcing people to attend "sensitivity training, accusing people of privilege, etc.) and thus further driving them into the arms of online colleges, but it will highlight to the world just what a mentally insane (and ultimately worthless) environment physical colleges have become.  Combine this with the internet, and the DAILY insanity is hilariously/tragically chronicled for all the world to see.

What's worse for physical colleges, however, is while all the world will witness their mental and childish behavior, they are so inoculated in their precious world of academia they're completely unaware how they're driving students away.  And thus, they will not only continue this insane, even hate filled behavior, but turn it up to 11...then 12, then 13, then 50, inevitably deterring even the most brainwashed of students because it will have turned into nothing but a radical, hate-filled cult of leftist, mentally damaged inferiors.  Alas, slowly, but surely, physical colleges will no longer be bastions of true diverse and independent thought, with 10's of thousands of students, but poorly-attended liberal arts colleges that the world will make fun of...and never hire from.

In the end we will never get rid of the allure of "The College Experience."  There will always be mis-informed kids who were so ill-raised they will have nothing else "but" in their lives.  But with the power of the internet, both in terms of the nearly-free education it can deliver and its ability to expose just what a toxic and worthless institution American higher education has become, we can maybe start saving generations of youth from making the crippling mistake of paying for overpriced worthless degrees instead of feeding them to the meatgrinder of Big Education.
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Saturday, January 06, 2018

Curse Free Episode #31

Cappy's in Vegas.
Stinky bars stinking up Cappy's clothes.
Women freezing their eggs till 55.
Fan mail.
Oregonians can't pump gas.
Women dying earlier?  It's NOT obesity because big is beautiful!


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The Hatred of Men in America

I said it before, women started this war.  Men will end it by simply walking away.

Friday, January 05, 2018

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Cowboy Bebop Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

If you didn't remember, there was a "Copyright Sunrise 1998" script at the bottom of every video.  But if you were like me and too busy paying attention to the perfect Japanese anime that was unfolding in front of you, you are forgiven.

Still, you're old, so let's review what Cowboy Bebop did for us all.

First, it was unique in that most Japanese animation sucks.  I remember getting excited when Robotech hit America's shores and if you watch it today, though horrible, it's still better than most anime coming from our Japanese cousins.  Cowboy Bebop improved, if not, perfected upon that becoming the one oddity of Japanese anime that didn't completely suck.  There was a plot, nobody turned into monsters or mecha, you could follow it, and the character development was so good it made you sad, if not furious when it ended.

Second, it was original.  I know people love "Firefly."  I too love "Firefly."  But let's just admit it.  Firefly is simply plagiarism of Cowboy Bebop (though I do believe Joss Whedon did originally develop it).  Cowboy Bebop was a very welcomed original idea and original work that global audiences desperately needed as Hollywood embarked on its sequel-prequel regurgitation slop binge that plagues us 20 years later.  You truly didn't know what was going to happen in Cowboy Bebop because it was truly original.  It actually left the viewer to wonder.

Third, it was instructional.  If you watched Cowboy Bebop you likely had poor role models in the real world.  Your parents divorced, your dad wasn't around, your dad may have been around, but was a pansy, and the last bit of true manliness that was on TV was Spike and fatherly Jet.  After 1998 the male role model was more or less absent, but every young man back then and today looks up to Spike, Jet, John McClane, and Tony Stark for idealism, masculinity, and a goal to aim for.  Also, the harsh lesson of reality was painfully apparent in the life of Spike and Jet.  Life was not easy, life was in fact, incredibly unfair and painful.  But a flippant accepting attitude of this reality, combined with a zealous adherence to secretly-held morals and principles (of which you controlled) manifested itself in the form of calm, cool collected Spike and the long-suffering Jet.  They may have not had beef with the bell peppers, but they had perfectly honed moral compasses and thus became models for any human with an ounce of morality and goodness within them.

Finally, it was beautiful.  I know most of the people today can't get enough of the indistinguishable slop served up as rap, country music, or whatever Beyonce and Taylor Swift barf out of their mouths every month.  But Cowboy Bebop was not made for the normies, conformies, inferiors, and lemmings.  It was made for superior people who appreciate true art.  And the musical score of Cowboy Bebop is just not even approachable.  It was perfect.  One could even say the music was wasted like pearls on swine as most people were thinking "meh, it's kind of cool, but why is the dog there?" instead of listening to the amazing score that contexted the show.

In the end Cowboy Bebop is one of the most perfected and beautiful forms of art humanity has ever created.  I strongly recommend that every person watch the movie as an introduction to the series, and if not, outright buy the entire series.  You will not be let down,  it will improve you as a human being, and you will almost be depressed that this art ended so early.  Alas, that is what true Cowboy Bebop fans want - more.  But a mistress who doesn't leave you wanting more wasn't much of a mistress now, was she?


It's Green, It's Organic, It's Fair Trade, It's Raw!

There's a sucker born every minute.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, if I ever lose the current moral gig I got for myself I am IMMEDIATELY pulling an Oprah/Democrat Party and selling lies to the morons who will pay with their LIVES for it.  Sheep want lies that hurt them and they will pay for it.  I cannot think of a more profitable and easy life than selling lies to the weak-minded that deserve it.

Who Started the Sex War?

Women did. 
Men will finish it by not participating.
And the end result will be women asking "where have all the good men gone" and men serving a plate full of "meh."

Should You Become a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner?

I know a lot of you Cappy Cappites are interested in the medical field when it comes to choosing a profession.  However, the amount of education to become a doctor can be daunting, not to mention, not worth the time/pay/sacrifice, especially if you're a minimalist or don't need to make $250,000 a year.  Our Health Care Agent in the Field sent this and I believe it will be of use for any young lieutenant out there looking to enter the health care field.

PA (physician assistant) vs NP vs Education (assumes people don't start in other career tracks or other jobs).  For reference, CRNA (nurse anesthetist) has similar training time at NP but the salary is MUCH higher

Ages 18-19
PA - Pre-requisites for PA school
NP - Halfway thru nursing school for RN degree
MD - Halfway thru undergrad for Bachelors degree (pre-requisite for med school)

Ages 20-21
PA - start in PA school
NP - finishes nursing school with RN degree (can choose to take time off and actually work as RN for over 60K per year)
MD - finishes undergrad (hopefully), starts APPLYING for med school --> needs $$$ for applications and travelling to interviews, over 25% of med school students have Masters and/or PhD's and/or other degrees BEFORE starting med school.  But for sake of brevity, assume best-case scenario that this hypothetical student goes straight to med school

Ages 21-22
PA - can start working, may do an extra year of "internship" which is required for certain fields (surgical PA, ICU, etc)
NP - starts first year of NP school (already has RN degree)
MD - starts first year of med school

Ages 23-24
PA - has been working for 3 years (2 years if he/she did an internship)
NP - start final year of NP school
MD - finishes 3rd year of med school, still 1 year to go

Age 25
PA - has been working
NP - has been working and easily has been earning over 60K during first year of work (because that's what an RN makes and NP's are paid much better)
MD - starts final year of graduated med school, start looking for residency --> spend money on application process and travelling to interviews.  This assumes that the MD didn't get a dual degree (MD-MBA, MD-MPh, MD-JD, MD-PhD) which is required for certain areas (administration, research, etc) and can add 1-2 years to med school.

Age 25-28
PA - working 
NP - working at 80-100K per year
MD - doing residency and earning 50-60K per year while working 50-80 hrs per week --> please note that this is bare minimum of residency for physicians and that the average residency is actually 4 years and some of the surgery programs are 5-7 years (some academic centers require residents to take a year off clinical training and do research work and get publications)

Age 29
PA - working
NP - working, salary is probably ~100K per year at this point
MD - starts work, although > 70% will do a "fellowship" which is an advanced residency that lasts 1-3 years (ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for some of the specialized fields) where salary 65-80 K per year (comparable to senior RN or newly-minted NP)

In reality the MD will probably be 31-32 before he/she actually starts working.  The NP will have already earned over $300K and the CRNA has earned over $400K at this point.
A primary care doctor's salary is comparable to CRNA, so a primary care doc will NEVER catch-up to the CRNA in terms of money, but this primary care doc should surpass the NP in terms of $$$ earned sometime in the late 30's or early 40's.

A specialist, who can earn over 250K (if they're investing their money and/or they have administrative duties at their hospital/clinic they can earn upwards of $500K) will surpass the NP in his late 30's and the CRNA in his early 40's.

As you told the young man: Go the NP route unless you plan to specialize, become an administrator, or really have an calling to be a doctor.

Lastly, for PA's and NP's who want to go to medical school to pickup some extra training (because there are some things that only MD's can do), most medical schools have accelerated programs that let the PA's and NP's skip entire years of medical school.  Additionally residency would be a breeze for these folks and they would have the opportunity to pick-up the actual nursing shifts on their weekends off.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Is the Student Loan Bubble a Conscious Conspiracy

Yes and no.  But it would not be possible without the BLIND following of millennials and Gen Y'ers sheepishly attending college for "the college experience."

Oh!  And by the fucking way, when you actually love or care about your children enough to NOT send them through this hell hole and a WASTE of 4 years of youth, maybe you'll consider buying them this book.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Sit Down Money

If you are a young man looking for older man wisdom may I suggest Adam Piggott's podcast on "Sit Down Money?"

Before You Buy a Business

Though he is a sponsor of my show, I wanted to plug David Barnett here on the blog because not only is his service one many of my blog readers might use, but it is vital you do if you intend to buy a business.

Short version, THERE IS A TON OF RISK in buying a business.  And you are statistically likely to LOSE MONEY on your "investment."

The solution?  Simple, don't.  Contact David over at Business Buyer Advantage.  He was a business broker for 25 years and now runs his own show replete with blog, YouTube Channel, books, and classes you can take that for AT MOST a couple grand up front, save you from losing your 401k, RRSP or filing for bankruptcy.

Trust me, I worked in banking and beginner entrepreneurs and business owners FAIL more than they succeed because they're too damn naive and optimistic about their chances. Contact David, tell him "The Captain sent ya" and make sure you don't ruin the next decade of your life.

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