Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Remember that Equifax Breach?

Since (basically) half of Americans were exposed, here's what you do.

28% of Women View "Winking" as Sexual Harassment

And for that reason, I'm out.

Here's the original survey.

Episode #230 of The Clarey Podcast

Saturday morning cartoons in the 80's.
Bullies are pussies.
Who are the pedophiles and mass murderers?
What Percent of women cry themselves to sleep?
Movie review of Justice League and Murder on the Orient Express
Princeton females have no agency, act as only objects.
Apple fires diversity and inclusion uber-czar for speaking truth.


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Millennials Fear Credit Cards More Than Death

My question is what the hell do they think of their student loans then???

Monday, November 20, 2017

SJW's Infest The Girl Scouts

I'm thinking I'll have to do an expose and Clarey Test on the Girl Scout's executive management after this.

I will sadly also not be buying Girl Scout cookies anymore.  Not because I do care for the girls, but I loathe the leadership who abuse girls to advance political aims.

The Gift of Early Retirement

Remember, with Christmas around the corner, you might as well give a gift that is practical and will help out your fellow man - early retirement.  Buy Poor Richard's Retirement at Amazon.com.


Why SJW Women are So Happy

Remember the "Life of Julia?"
Where the government took care of every need and want of a woman from cradle to grave?

Yeah, they never tell you about the mental price you pay when you bow down at the altar of socialism.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

America's Only SJW Who Admitted She Was Wrong

I like how deep down inside she knew all along which means the majority of them are hypocritically faking it to avoid the regular trials and torture of the real world.

We Will Return to a Regularly Scheduled Blog This Week

Many of you may have noticed the lack of posts since Wednesday.  Un/fortunately I got slammed at Asshole Consulting.  Who knew with the lack of fathers, rampant and celebrated divorce, and lying to now three generations of children, these kids when they grew up would start seeking out the truth and would be willing to pay handsomely for it.

Anyway, I do not see Asshole Consulting slowing down so if any of my regular readers find TRULY interesting articles or posts (no British tabloid garbage like the Daily Mail), please e-mail them to the ole Capmeister at CAPTcapitalism (at) yahoo (DOT) com.  Would put up some good links and some material to fill in the space between the deeper thought pieces.

And remember, if you want lies, hire a regular consultant.
If you want the truth, hire an asshole.

It's OK for 34 Year Old Men to Bang Teenagers

Assuming they're either 18 or 19.  But since that goes against the feminist imperative, it must be shamed.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

They Just Didn't Do It Right

But next time those parasitic commies with their all-non-profit SJW jobs will get it right!  And then you'll see!

MSM Even Admits There's an Education Bubble

When NBC admits there's an education bubble then you know American students are really fucked.

Episode #229 - Great One-Piggott Special!

Adam Piggott and The Great One sub for Cappy as he gets dental work, drives to Chicago, and gets slammed with Asshole Consulting.  They talk about random things, working with leftists in the theater, pick on Cappy for "not having a real job," Bill Nye, George Takei, and other random crap.

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Monday, November 13, 2017

End Sexual Assault by Forcing Men to Work from Home

As an economist I always try to find the simplest, cheapest, and most effective solutions to society's problems.  However, whereas mere mediocre economists talk about multi-factor productivity, education, etc., the reason I'm one of the best economists is because I do something most others don't.

I think outside the box.

And so, just like I was (in theory) able to prevent the Dotcom Bubble, the Asian Currency Crisis, the Housing Bubble, Education Bubble, and Retirement Bubble, I have found a way to bring the epidemic of sexual harassment and sexual assault to a screeching halt, and at practically no expense to America.

Force men to work from home.

It seems to me that "boys are just going to be boys" and while I know feminists, academians, HR departments, CSR departments, and non-profits are doing their best to eliminate toxic masculinity and bring out the more feminine side of men, until that noble goal is achieved, it may be best to avail ourselves of already available technology and require that men only work from home.

This will bring about a lot of benefits to society that go well beyond ending work place sexual harassment and assault.  Women won't be bothered by men at the office or in the downtown eateries come lunch time.  They will not be harassed, allowing for much safer work place environments.  An all-women workplace environment will FINALLY come to fruition allowing them the chance to excel that was traditionally the preserve of men.  Plus, the highways won't be as crowded come the morning and evening commutes.  One might even say this would force men to be the house husbands, forcing them to see what it was like to be oppressed as a stay at home mom.

I'm not advocating necessarily that we eliminate choice from men and as to what their work options are.  I'm merely suggesting that corporations, schools, universities, and other employers exercise their rights as private employers insist their male employees, workers and students simply work and study from home.  It will bring about the immediate end of work place sexual assault, prevent crises like Hollywood's current sexual assault affair from happening in the future, put a dead stop to the campus rape epidemic that is occurring now, and finally give women the shot they deserve at equality.

Friday, November 10, 2017

How and Why the Left is the Biggest Threat to the Freedom of Speech

The short version is they're mental and have nothing else in their lives, but their religion of politics.  The longer version is below:

He Listens to the News So You Don't Have To

DT at the Black Brigade Debrief has a damn good podcast covering Donna Brazile exposing the democrats, why Hilary Clinton does indeed need to go to jail, how can you call the democrat party DEMOCRAT when their primaries are rigged, as well as the take we all take on the new-normal terrorist attacks of "meh."

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Why Profit is Necessary

The latest closing of a social do-gooder restaurant sent me on a tirade on my second-latest podcast where I explained that if you don't put profits first, then your company will fail (and you will fail your employees or whatever do-gooder lefty cause you happened to be championing that week).

Many of you on the left may disagree with this and even write it off as capitalist, right-wing propaganda, but the point transcends politics, even economics, and approaches one of physics, even simple logic.  Also, whereas most non-leftists may intuitively know why profit is necessary for a company to survive, one might wonder if the socialists might possibly be right in some obscure philosophical way.  IS there a way for a company to exist without profit?  "I know it sorta seems like profit should be necessary, but I haven't got through and developed an economic proof or theorem that proves it so."  And so let us delve into the boring world of profits and learn a vital economics lesson we all need to learn...that no doubt the leftist ideologues will choose to completely ignore.

The simplest way to understand why profits are necessary is to understand it from a perspective of providing goods and services.  This is an oft forgotten or ignored aspect of economics because everybody seems to focus on MONEY and not the things that actually matter - GOODS AND SERVICES.

I cannot eat a dollar.
A Yen will not provide you surgery.
A pound will not feed your dog.
And a Euro will not fuel your car.

However, these currencies WILL buy us the goods and services that provide ultimate value and utility in life.  A dollar will buy me an apple that I can eat.  A Yen will buy me some gas that will fuel my car.  A Euro will buy a dentist's services to repair your teeth.  And a pound will buy some dental floss after your dentists lectures you for not flossing.  So the whole point and purpose of an economy is to produce the stuff, not the money nor necessarily profits in the process of doing so.

Since it is the stuff that needs producing that ultimately matters you need to ask how stuff gets produced, and the answer is "not charitably."

In order for things to get produced, somebody has to inevitably forfeit some of their time to produce them.  This can be done on an individual level as per subsistence type craphole economies like Africa, or in the awesome 1st world through organizations, namely, corporations and companies.  Large and complex systems organizing capital and labor to produce an amazing plethora of things all on the cheap.  But regardless of the size of the company, it has to ultimately be started.  And since time is ultimately the ONLY resource that matters to humans, any sane and self-respecting human is going to demand he or she be compensated for it.

Thus introducing profit.

This is the problem most people who have a problem with profit face.  They look at it backwards.  The issue isn't whether somebody deserves profit or whether profit should exist.  NOTHING would exist unless it was for profit.  And the insurance industry explains this incredibly well.

NOBODY likes paying for insurance.  It's a necessary evil, and it's so evil illegal aliens often go without it as they ram their cars into us otherwise law abiding, superior people.  But what really irks most people is that insurance companies...GASP!!!!  MAKE A PROFIT! This means they charge us MORE than the damages and payouts they actually have to pay out.  HOW DARE THEY!!!???

But think about it.  If they DIDN'T charge more than they paid out, then why would anybody start an insurance company?  The only reason an individual or a group of investors would start an insurance company would be to make a profit for themselves.  They put their time, money, and risk into the venture, so you're damn right they're going to charge more than they pay out.  But while you may detest that profit, if it wasn't there, then there would be no insurance at all.  And not only insurance, but no

video games
cell phones
dog food
cat food
and coffee

NOTHING in this world would exist without profit, and a world with nothing being produced (no matter how much money is printed) will look more like Soviet Russia, Venezuela, North Korea, or Zimbabwe (much as those places make leftists wet).

Now let's ignore the fact the track record of socialism and communism is horrendous and makes the nazis look like saints.  Let's ignore the fact that Mugabe of Zimbabwe is begging those evil capitalist white farmers to come back and make food again for his idiot electorate.  Let's ignore Venezuelans eating pets to stay alive.  And let's ignore practically everything about North Korea.

Let's go completely theoretical.

Is there a way to replace profit with a socialist model where the government provides the capital or resources and profits are either retained in government coffers or redistributed amongst the workers (which explains why former communist workers are so rich).  Does there need to be the incentive for profit, or can a government company merely be efficient and produce the goods and services in the variations and amounts necessary to sustain (forget satisfy) an entire society?

In this situation a government would merely print off the money, buy the capital and equipment necessary to start a company, produce widgets, and (assuming it's an efficient widget company) all profits would go back to paying single moms to breed more bastards as they get their Masters in Health Administration degrees.  There's just a couple problems that will more or less ensure this leftist-whetting utopia doesn't ever manifest.

First, communists are too nice.  The whole point of communism is to make everything "free."  This not only means charging nothing for the ultimate good or service produced, but overpaying employees because, well we all need a living wage!  This naive (albeit) kindness dooms nearly every communist/government company to being inefficient.  It's why Byte failed, it's why Bartertown failed, it's why the Soviet Union failed.  In making things free (and paying your employees more than they produce) you ensure your companies/system are inefficient forever needing more infusions of cash to balance your books.  Bailing out the occasional pizza store is one thing, but when you're entire economy is government owned and inefficient, you need to print off trillions which only causes hyper-inflation, and ultimately never increases production.

Second, there is no competition.  Without somebody nipping at your heels and threatening to take away your profit, you have no incentive to work harder, better, faster, or stronger.  And communism ensures there are only monopolies, and not competitors.  This results in not so much lazy, but unincentivized people which are a hallmark of government workers.  Government workers have no competition.  They have no hustle.  They are fat, lazy, and slothful creatures that deserve the mockery and ridicule their parasitic asses attract.  But imagine if the incompetent fuckery going on at the DMV....


It would take 4 hours to get a Big Mac.
It would take 3 hours and $400 to fill your tank with gas.
Have fun shopping at Best Buy as you wait in line to get your government issued computer.
And if you didn't like it, tough cookies, there's no other competitors or companies in town to "take your business elsewhere."  You simply have the "company" store.

Competition, specifically the threat that profits will be earned away by a competitor, is precisely what keeps the entirety of society's producers and entrepreneurs 100% completely focused on making you happy, condemning them to a life of constantly improving and creating new products at cheaper prices till they're dead just for you (ironically delivering on more of communism's promises than communism itself!).  They're practically slaves to the rest of society, and you dare get upset they make "profit" as you leftist sheep line up to buy the iPhone X?

In the end a world without profit is like a woman without a vagina, a man without money, a car without gas, or a plane without wings.  Nobody wants it and it has no value.  You may not like the idea of profit, you may not like the idea of "greed" or "human nature," but like death, disease, mortality, and hipsters, it's just an unfortunately reality of life.  I suggest you accept it instead of trying to futilely fight against it.

Enjoy the decline!

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Episode #227 - Cappy Fails Starts a Comic Book Episode

Cappy's new comic...that is doomed to fail.
Problems in hiring "comic book artists."
Cappy ditches out on a business "networking event."
Douchebag Dude Bro bars around the U of MN.
Deer can't read signs.
Fan mail!


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Tuesday, November 07, 2017

How Social Media Has Ruined Your Life

An outstanding podcast from The Hanging Chads where they interview fellow old fart Pleasure Man of My Posting Career fame.  The majority of the show is Pleasure Man talking about how social media and trends in major metropolitan areas has destroyed the family and triggered massive depression amongst nearly every one as we mindlessly substitute digital attention for real, in person attention.  I would have been curious if they delved into how this may affect young men vs. women (free digital attention and free digital porn), but they unfortunately did not.

Before listening to this podcast I uninstalled facebook for a two week sabbatical from the platform, and may solely start to relegate it to just a press release mechanism and occasional texting tool.  It got too annoying with constant dings and message reminders for increasingly petty things.  Was becoming too much of a distraction and a time suck for what little free time I have left.  Regardless, listen to the podcast as it delves into more detail about WHY you feel depressed only having a digital life and why you must get out and actually meet real people in the real world.

Guys Who Always Get Laid, Guys Who Never Get Laid, and Guys Who Get Laid Sometimes

You don't want to be the guy who gets laid "sometimes."

Some more wisdom for you youngin's from Mr. Piggott.